21 is the number of days you need to break a habit.

Joe Dimple is addicted to eating sweets.

To get out of this loop of unhealthiness he has to kick those sweets instead of collecting them for 21 "days". 

Playable in your browser with game pad:

left stick to move, x to interact, y to jump, a and b to fight. 

or keyboard and mouse:

wasd or key arrows to move, space to jump, LMB or left ctrl and RMB or left alt to fight.

Created for Ludum Dare 47 by Caroline and Sebastian.

The theme was "Stuck in a loop"


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Great mood! I did not make it to the end, it was difficult for me. I should stay away from sweets.

I'm glad you've learned something ;) Thanks for playing. I know, the controls are a bit unfortunate. I did not try to improve the game after Ludum Dare.